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The DeQuincy Railroad Museum houses an extensive collection of model steam and diesel engines.  The valuable collection was donated to the museum in August 2006.  In addition to the permanent display at the museum, there are also engines displayed at the DeQuincy City Hall, the DeQuincy branch of the Calcasieu Parish Library and several local banks.  

The engines on display are exceptional in their detail and craftmanship.  Manufactured by Samhongsa Co. Ltd, Row & Co, Adler, and Marklin, they are made of high quality brass and contain the standard electric motors associated with toys, but are scale museum-quality models of actual steam and diesel engines.  The scale is referred to as Guage 1, which is similar to G scale, and runs on G scale track, but each is constructed to the exact specifications of their prototypes.  Most of these were produced in the 1970's and 1980's and very few Gauge 1's are produced today because of the level of workmanship and the associated costs of their production making these exceptional examples of the art of model making.  These models represent some of the largest and most popular trains of the twentieth century.  

Beginning with a design concept by former DeQuincy resident Frank F. Douglas of the Douglas Group in Houston, Texas, the planning and execution of the display evolved over several months.  Blaine Miller, Assistant Director of the Imperial Calcasieu Museum, directed and oversaw the technical aspects of the project with the assistance of Gary W. Cooper and Harry Methvin.  The display is presented with state-of-the-art museum quality signage and lighting in a large antique wall cabinet donated to the museum several years ago.  Funding for the project was by the City of DeQuincy.








Many visitors and patrons through the years have donated their beloved model train sets to museum to preserve and share for future generations.  Visitors young and old enjoy looking at the varied sets on display on shelves and in cabinets throughout the museum.




In the middle room of the museum there is a running model layout of the town of DeQuincy in the 1940's, complete with the Strand Theatre, the drug store and lumber yard.  The layout was donated and built by a group of rail fans, The East Texas and Gulf Rail Modelers Association, who have for many years displayed their own trainsets inside the museum during the annual LA Railroad Days Festival.

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